December 17, 2009


The days are short in Paris: sunrise today at 8:38, sunset at 4:53: Check your city and compare at

Yesterday after the long walk west on Rue des Francs-Bourgeois that turns into Rue Rambuteau to the closed Pompidou, I return to stand by the Seine at Quai Henry IV near my apartment as the sun takes its slide down. Take a look here:

I have heard that it is easy to be without love in Paris. But as the bateaux slide with the setting sun, I can think only of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant when she kisses him and if I remember correctly she says, “Can’t kiss back?” And then he does. And again. Or have I made this up? She says, “When you come on, you come on.” We are in Charade where no one is who they say they are except perhaps for Audrey/Reggie. Or is she? She must deal with the changing names and perhaps personas of Cary/Peter, Adam, Brian. Have I got them all? Does it matter? Isn’t three the perfect number as identity is the question. Is it not always the question?

And the river shows the way as it journeys through the city beneath the 32, or is it 37 bridges. Go here where you can click for photos and pretend that you are with me: as I recall and as Paris is blanketed in morning snow.

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  1. You are in Paris during the Winter Solstice, shortest day of the year. A day of rebirth, according to many pagan traditions. Perhaps this will be a time of rebirth for you.


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