December 26, 2016

On Gifting

Gratitude and the gift exchange are perhaps best expressed by Lewis Hyde in his book The Gift: Imagination andthe Erotic Life of Property (now in its 25th anniversary edition with a new title) and where he wisely tells us:
“[T]he true commerce of art is a gift exchange, and where that commerce can proceed on its own terms we shall be heirs to the fruits of a gift exchange: in this case, to a creative spirit whose fertility is not exhausted in use, to the sense of plenitude which is the mark of all erotic exchange, to a storehouse of works that can serve as agents of transformation, and to a sense of an inhabitable world—an awareness, that is, of our solidarity with whatever we take to be the source of our gifts, be it the community or the race, nature, or the gods.” (pp. 158-9)

 On Christmas Eve while I was away, Michael Czyzniewieski, former editor of Mid-American Review and now Story366 gave me an incredible gift that I hope you will check out and where you will find so much more in stories he's discovered and brought alive by giving them a chance to be seen.

Here's a photo of his hand in front of his laptop, holding The Woman Who Never Cooked:

Mike defines what Lewis Hyde so eloquently explains.

I close this with gratitude and hope for all who invent, who try, who leap, despite the failures and losses that so often accompany the risk,

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