December 21, 2009

What happens in Paris

I'm tempted to say, What happens in Paris stays in Paris. . . But I will tell all. Read here for the joys of Paris, the light-hearted city full of lights. The bateau at night is incredible just as it is in Charade—well, okay not that incredible. After all I am not Audrey Hepburn but Cary: Peter/Brian/Adam has appeared. More to come on who is who.

Pick up the bateaux at Pont De L'Alma at 5 pm in the winter to see the sunset and then the Tour Eiffel in sparkling darkness at 6: the ride is short enough to not do you in, long enough to relax and the Paris you see from the Seine will fill your heart: Open heart, open heart. Go here to take a look:

Have dinner at Brazzerie Zimmer From the bateau, walk up Avenue Georges V and catch the metro, the 1 line, get off at Chatelet, exit through the Place de Chatelet sortie and you are there. Eat the steak, the artichoke, drink Pomerol, try the Berthillon salted caramel ice cream. Bon ap├ętit!