February 23, 2010

Update on Blog-to-Be-Book

Dear Readers,

I have completed the final edit of Sex After Sixty and sent the manuscript to Kelly Abbott of 3ones, Inc. on Valentine’s Day—Yes, I am an incurable romantic. I want to let you, my readers, who have been a sea of belief for me, know what I have done to my memoir.

I re-read and edited from the beginning, what has been a journey of discovery, to ensure that the memoir reads as one organic whole. In essence, I rewrote the memoir and revised and added a brief new ending that closes with one last sentence—not here on the blog—that for me “says it all.” More photos will appear in the e-book, including two by the professional photographer Andy Duback and that appear with his permission. These changes will be in the book.

If you have been reading all along, I guess you could say I lifted the curtain of creation by writing a memoir “live.” You watched me live this story, uncover it in pieces and often in fear. But the story has come to a place where it has a narrative arc. The blog itself was not and at this moment even with much re-ordering, does not operate with that kind of narrative control that a writer eventually imposes on any story she tells. That has been my task since the last post, “Lost and Found.”

I am not going to go back and change the blog. It stands for now in its imperfection as the history of how this book came to be.

Once the book is ready, I will let you know. And I will update you here on related events, including interviews that are in the works.

In debt to all who have come here and may come, if I am lucky, as time goes by,