June 22, 2022

Write It! How to Get Started is moving to Substack

 Hi, all friends and followers,

Please know how much I appreciate followers to my website. I have news to share with you. 

Some of you may remember that I began to give away free writing classes here with this logo/image: 

I’ve decided to move this project over to Substack.com  —and more stuff will continue to appear here as well.

Free lessons will soon be appearing on Substack.com with some changes that I hope you’ll check out. Super easy: FREE!

To start, I posted two fun essays and am hoping to build a following there. Substack is FREE—though some folks do use a whatchamacallit “Paywall” to continue. I’m considering that, but have not done so—well, not yet anyway.

The links to essays on Substack follow; just click below and you’ll be taken to Substack.com—hope you’ll subscribe (super easy—and as I said FREE) take a look, comment, easy and friendly. I reply to comments and any questions you might have.

“Love and the Butterfly Effect”    

"Internet Dating, Finding Love and Probability Theory"

If you want to work one-on-one with me, I’m still offering that option: 

For a small fee, via Zoom, an Eight-"session"-course—or more if you want them (each session includes 11 parts) with slides and more experiments than in the chapters I am giving away for free.

Email me at


for details on how I work and we'll set up lessons.