May 25, 2010

When wishing still did some good

I guess this falls in the category of “seeing is believing.” The first pre-publication review of (RE)Making Love: A Sex After Sixty Story is here: Flash Fiction. An interview with me about the process of writing, family reaction and other personal stuff is here, too, Flash Fiction.

Click on the links to read the review and the interview but also know that this is a great site: lots of stuff about writing and in particular Flash Fiction. With thanks to Randall Brown and Anne Willkomm—she wrote the review—I am in the world of When wishing still did some good.

Cover design by Zaara.

And we have a publication date: June 15. To be the first to get the book, sign up here: 3ones, Inc. is the publisher that chose it. I have rewritten the memoir; edited the galleys: so here we go . . .