August 30, 2011

Martin King: childhood memories and #100BLOGFEST

Martin King, author, and daring blogger, decided in the month of August to post 100 childhood memories: as he says, "roughly 3 a day." I found Martin through the wonderful Cathryn Wellner. You can link to her  and her childhood memory by Catching Courage in the margin of my blog: Excellent Friends and Heroes.

Here is Martin's lovely memory: a tribute to childhood and motherhood:

Did you ever have a problem with anyone nicking (our phrase for stealing) from you when you were younger? I did. I was only about eight at the time and my mum used to give me sweets that I left in my coat pockets. My coat was hung up in the cloak room.

So one day I came to get my chocolate bar (see blog # 80 for a discussion on your favourite sweets) to find it wasn’t there. So you get be excused for thinking that I had lost it on the way to school or aliens had visited earth and stolen it. But then it happened again and then again.

I told my mum about it and she was livid. But she concocted a cunning plan. She bought a packet of rolos and very carefully unwrapped the packet. Then she carefully injected mustard into them, through the little indent at the top so you couldn’t tell.

The next day I left my doctored rolos in my pocket. The trap was set. That lunch time I checked my pockets to find the tube of chocolate rolos had gone. The culprit had taken the bait. I never did find out who the light fingered person was, but from that day foreword, they never visited my coat pockets again.

Does that remind you of any jokes you may have tried? Tune in to further blogfest stories to see the one about the joke shop.

These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a ‘#100blogfest’ blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series:

When you link back to Martin's site, you will find other writers, whether published authors or not, who have joined him in the search for the willed word. And you will find me. I will post what I wrote for Martin  here soon as well. For now, link back to him and discover a world of memory.