January 10, 2010

Hang in there: Interruptus (sort of) UPDATE

Dear Readers,

I think I have the story in the right order now. I am reading to nit-pick edit/cut more if needed (I did a lot of this over the weekend while I re-ordered). Golly, worked non-stop this weekend on #1 below, barely slept because I see now how the pieces fit. So here are the tasks I have set for myself:

1. Rewrite this blog as a narrative that makes chronological sense. The story I have written "live" I am putting in a chronological order I could not have achieved while both living it and writing it. But now, after Paris, I have the psychic distance to do that. You may see the result if you go to the sidebar: Read from the beginning...". Do let me know what you think in comments or e-mail (address is a link on my website that you may link to from here; scroll down and click on "Mary's Website" to find that address/link). I do listen. So, write me!

I have added more links and photos to many of the posts, particularly in the beginning.

2. And I will continue to post the final entries.

Please note: While I am doing this some earlier posts that you might click on in the side bar: "Read from the beginning..." will not appear because I am working on them: nothing is wrong with the blog or your browser. Hang in there with me: I am rewriting!

And thanks for being with me on this journey of despair and hope and perhaps (I am hopeful) reparation: seems like a miracle, but perhaps it is happening.

With my gratitude to every reader who has been on this difficult journey with me,