January 10, 2010

Hang in there: Interruptus (sort of) UPDATE

Dear Readers,

I think I have the story in the right order now. I am reading to nit-pick edit/cut more if needed (I did a lot of this over the weekend while I re-ordered). Golly, worked non-stop this weekend on #1 below, barely slept because I see now how the pieces fit. So here are the tasks I have set for myself:

1. Rewrite this blog as a narrative that makes chronological sense. The story I have written "live" I am putting in a chronological order I could not have achieved while both living it and writing it. But now, after Paris, I have the psychic distance to do that. You may see the result if you go to the sidebar: Read from the beginning...". Do let me know what you think in comments or e-mail (address is a link on my website that you may link to from here; scroll down and click on "Mary's Website" to find that address/link). I do listen. So, write me!

I have added more links and photos to many of the posts, particularly in the beginning.

2. And I will continue to post the final entries.

Please note: While I am doing this some earlier posts that you might click on in the side bar: "Read from the beginning..." will not appear because I am working on them: nothing is wrong with the blog or your browser. Hang in there with me: I am rewriting!

And thanks for being with me on this journey of despair and hope and perhaps (I am hopeful) reparation: seems like a miracle, but perhaps it is happening.

With my gratitude to every reader who has been on this difficult journey with me,



  1. Some day soon after your re-writing is complete, I'll start at the very beginning and get the whole story. What I know of it so far is delightful and intriguing!

  2. Mary, may I offer a voice of gentle dissent? I read that you plan to go back and re-write and re-order your living memoire. I seeyour purpose, and can certainly understand why you might choose to do so if in fact the project you have been admirably working on is framed as sort of a long proof that you have been working on in parts and now wish to assemble in order so that you have the satisfaction of yelling QED! But let me offer a rival hypothesis, which is that the lack of perfect coherence and perfect chronology IS the memoir, which is to say that part of the story you have told is the process by which a person looks back and reflects on--and works out in one's head-- big moments. Events transpire chronologically but our interaction with them is out of order. As a here-and-there reader, part of what made your blog so special was the knowledge that I wasn't just reading a great story, but witnessing you figure out what the story was.

    I will remain a fan either way. That's why this voice of dissent is gentle.

  3. Hi, Mary,
    What you're doing is very, very cool--you're using the Internet's creative possibilities. I wonder about the length of the work...? I can't read long material on line--maybe I'm still too programmed to expect print on paper. There's no physical reason that reading long posts should be difficult--but there is the incredible competition of the Web, which I (in my blog) take into account in trying to keep things short. At what point do you craft for length in the same way that you'd craft a traditional short story for length--? Bloggers tend to be wordy and repetitive, as the nature of the medium encourages one-off writing. ...Just some thoughts, not a criticism. Keep up the good work!

  4. This must become a book. I think this format served its purpose, it allowed you to sort through the events along with the reader. But now you have gleaned truth, you have acquired remarkable understanding and it deserves to be revealed on the physical page. Na├»ve as it may sound, I feel young and often lost in love, and so much of what I read in your work reflects my daily life, and I want to go to your work even when I don’t have an internet connection to learn. I will read, reread, and continue to learn from you as I did with “The Woman Who Never Cooked.”

    I eagerly await the edits. Will you be informing us as you update?


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