(Re)Making Love: Press release and reviews

Press Release

One woman's unlikely fairy tale of re-making love

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mary L. Tabor, author of (Re)Making Love: A Memoir has a soft spot for romantic comedies. From the Grimm Brothers' whimsical tale of a frog-turned-prince to Julia Roberts' commitment-phobic role in Runaway Bride, Tabor weeps and rejoices right along with the characters. It seems fitting, then, that the tumultuous trial separation of Tabor and her husband-of-21-years should end happily, too.

Tabor was 60 years old when her partner, affectionately referred to as D. online and in (Re)Making Love—all other men are nicknamed with lower-case letters—announced he needed to live alone. Heartbroken and taken aback, she agreed to her family members' suggestions that she blog about her loss. Apprehensively entering the world of online dating, she catalogs her run-ins with various potential dates, all the while dreaming of reuniting with D.

"I was no virginal princess," Tabor writes. "But I did want to fall asleep and be awakened by my prince."

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