October 18, 2012

Michael Johnson: Journalist, Bon Vivant Interview

Michael Johnson, my guest on Rare Bird Radio, talks to us about Nabokov, Americans and our television, France and the United States—and he pulls no punches.

Michael Johnson, career editor with McGraw Hill, four years correspondent for the Associated Press,  contributor to The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The American Spectator, The Boston Musical Intelligencer, The Columnist.com and has lived 15 years in Paris and Bordeaux.

We talk about France, culture, the arts, Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian poet Pushkin, the joy of a glass of wine—and more.

I hope you will listen and comment.

Here's the interview with this eloquent, delightfully literary bon vivant on Rare Bird Radio.

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My thanks to Michael Johnson, to Tyson Cornell who owns Rare Bird Radio, and all the books that have "got me through."

I add that this interview is the first time Michael Johnson and I have ever talked; yet he was an early reviewer of my novel Who by Fire and you may see what he has to say here.