August 12, 2010

What's your secret weapon?

When you think no one is there, someone answers and how! That someone turns out to be the incredible Jane Friedman.

Don’t know her? Let me introduce her to you and tell you what she did for me! If you are a blogger, writer and care about the creative process, you’ll want to follow her on Twitter.

Jane is currently the strategic director of Writer’s Digest, where in 2001 she took over as their managing editor. She is a force with her award winning blog There Are No Rules. She knows all there is to know about the publishing industry, about marketing, and she cares about each writer she meets or discovers. I found her through one of her bloggers, the wonderful Darrelyn Saloom. Here’s her latest blog entry on meeting the fab memoir writer Mary Karr along with this terrific photo she posted of a Window Dressing on Royal Street. Hope it’s okay to borrow that photo here, Darrelyn, from your home in The Big Easy.

Somehow I manage to get Jane to follow me on Twitter and somehow, the gifts that come in life continue to surprise, she decides to interview me about my memoir (Re)Making Love: a sex after sixty story. She wants to know about starting late, about the blog to book, about the new-to-the-game publisher, 3ones.

Read the interview with Jane.

What follows are more retweets on Twitter of the interview link than I can count and two bloggers who blog about me on their sites. Let me introduce you now to Belette who writes about me in the entry entitled “I am mad for older women with white hair.” No that’s not me in the photo: That gorgeous model, still working and beyond fabulous! Belette is a psychotherapist who blogs: thus, I guess, her choice of anonymity. She’s been named one of the top ten blogs for Francophiles and is rated as one of the top 15 memoir and psychology blogs.

But, as the French Fry cutter salesman keeps saying in my book, “Wait, there’s more!” I discover through a friend that another blogger has posted an entry about me. Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes a fascinating blog of “Daily Diversions for Writers” and chooses, bless you, Debbie, to post about me.

And then in my e-mail I discover that wants to link with me.

I believe in the goodness of the world. I believe as Martin Buber so wisely tells us, “All real living is meeting.”


  1. When you are talented, gorgeous, fabulous and generous it is not at all surprising that you are getting all the blog love. Well deserved! And thank you so much for the very kind shout out and sharing an excerpt from my post. Really lovely to have such a wonderful blogging community that so generously supports and encourages each other.

  2. I loved La Belette Rouge's post mentioning Mary and I too adore Mary's hair.

    Thank you Mary for tweeting my Joyce post twice. I too love the way my new community of writer friends support each other. It is wonderful!

    I would say more but I am busy reading Mary's memoir.

  3. You are an amazing and inspiring individual, Mary.

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog. :-)

  4. Hello, Mary ... Hello Jane ... your memoir is wonderful, Mary, and is a gift to all women who have faced a difficult transition in life. It is a journey like no other.

    It's my pleasure to know you and, like others mentioned above, your white hair is white like mine, so I knew I'd like you from your photo. Who else has the courage to wear white hair these days?

    Mine came in early, around 35 ... so, now, at 55 ... I'm sure people think I'm 95 ... but whatever! If Emmylou Harris can wear it, so can we, right!?

    Stop by SunnyRoomStudio soon and say hello!


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