June 20, 2011

Angel on My Shoulder

Illustration by Kittenchops.com
Sometimes I want to break into song like my grandchild Lila, who at two years old knows the entire score of The Sound of Music! She can sing "I Must Have Done Something Good" and that's what I feel like singing today because CMash Loves to Read loves my memoir (Re)Making Love.

In early June she made me her Shining Light and put that light on this blog where literary work and writing and writers get discussed, among this and that that my guest bloggers write and where I first blogged this memoir.

Today I am her guest author. Please go and comment if you have read the book. And if you haven't, you might want to be a part of her GIVEAWAY of (Re)Making Love. She's got two signed copies of my book  that will be in a lottery and you could win one. Click on the word Giveaway in the preceding sentence.

Comment here because you care and definitely on Cheryl's blog because she is such a good soul. You have from June 20th to July 5th to comment and win!

Again, I offer a flower for the angel on my shoulder, Cheryl, who truly does love to read and has an open heart.

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  1. Mary: Thank you for the very kind words, and yes I am blushing. What I did, was from the bottom of my heart with nothing expected in return except for a talented author to get the recognition that she deserved. Since I have found this wonderful world of book blogging, I have met and read books by many debut authors who are phenomenal writers and want to share them with others. You being one. Good Luck with "(Re)Making Love" and hoping that this book and all your future books become Best Sellers!!!


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