May 01, 2012

The light of a benefactor: A heartfelt thank you

Derek Walcott said in a 1997 lecture, “All art has to do with light.” The light that comes from the work is often not seen unless a benefactor comes along and tries to help shed that light.

I write here a love letter to Robert Reich, to his wife Caroline Reich and to Lori Welch. Rob and his wife are lovers of the arts and they read my memoir (Re)Making Love, believed in it and wanted to shed light on the work. Lori Welch, a columnist herself on life as a single gal, also owns a company JCL Services, a concierge and party planning company. Rob and Caroline hired Lori to help shed the light. And Lori knows something about how to do this.

With my deep thanks, I offer this toast and a glimpse into the gift they gave: Please, raise your metaphorical glass  to Rob, Caroline and Lori. May they be my Flo Ziegfield, my Simon Cowell or my Sylvia Beach! Whether we who paint, photograph and write are chorus girls, American idols, or poets is for others to decide. But one thing is for sure: The light shines from Rob, Caroline and Lori—and all the folks who attended and heard me read.

Two professional photographers took the stills. My thanks to Tom Kochel and Gedyion Kifle.

Here's a short clip of my reading:

Mary L. Tabor reads from (Re)Making Love from Mary Tabor on Vimeo.

The Benefactors:

Rob Reich to the right (photo by Tom Kochel)

Lori Welch (photo by Gediyon Kifle)

The Crowd

photo Kifle

photo Kifle
photo by Del Persinger
(photo Kifle)

photo Kifle

photo Persinger

 The Afterparty

Photo Persinger

Gediyon Kifle, right Photographer (photo Persinger)

Photogragher Tom Kochel, photo by Kifle
My thanks to all,


  1. A much deserved evening for you!

    1. James,

      I am honored that you think so and also so pleased that you have appeared as a guest on this blog. For others, scroll down and do read James's essay: The blog post is entitled "Lavender and Dreams" and features James's journey as an aspiring actor.

      All best,



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