October 22, 2012

Save the date: October 24, live call-in with Author, Poet Molly Peacock

Save the date: Join me, Wednesday October 24 at 4:30 EDT on Rare Bird Radio when I interview author Molly Peacock. Have you read her fab book The Paper Garden? You gotta read it! 

Molly has written a moving book about the artist Mary Delany whose mosaics are too beautiful for me to even attempt to describe, but virtually all of them are in Molly's book, along with a telling that will make you think again about the nature of creativity.

Call into the live show to listen and perhaps ask a question. Here’s the call-in number for Wednesday at 4:30 EDT: (626) 414-3413

If you are a member of Goodreads, join my book club because you can post a question there right now for Molly or me and I'll try to make sure it gets answered on the show.

photo: Andrew Tolson
Find out more about Molly Peacock at  Molly's Website

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