October 11, 2013

Jewish Literary Festival: Local Author Fair

Live in or near DC? The DC Jewish Community Center has held a competition to choose local authors and you can hear each of them give a three minute pitch about why you should consider reading a book each put heart and soul into. It's free and you'll get wine and cheese for showing up.

Amazon: Fine Paperback and Kindle version, Audible.com coming soon 
Sound like fun or torture for the chosen? I'm not sure which, but I'll be there with my pitch for Who by Fire.

Yeah, I got picked: Thanks to the committee that made the selections.

Perhaps I'll later post here my pitch  (just two and a half minutes: shorter is better, right?). Supporters welcome and needed: You can report here how it all went.

Here are the details: Sunday, October 13, 7 to 8:30 pm, 1529 16th Street, NW. 

Read the short story "The Burglar"  from The Woman Who Never Cooked--kinda like a wine-tasting, dontcha think?

Here's how it went:

JCC Clip from Mary Tabor on Vimeo.

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