July 28, 2019

Benjamin Hammerschlag in my heart

Ben Hammerschlag, creator, owner and CEO of Epicurean Wines, would have been 48 years old today, July 28. In his memory, I read to express my love and to place a plaque on the sculpture by artist and his dear friend Monserrat Daubón. I placed The Sower on his vineyard Imprimata in McClaren Vale, South Australia after his death.

The Sower

I wrote and recorded words from my heart for the placement of the plaque on his birthday.

Click the red arrow on "For the Plaque on The Sower" below to hear me read what I wrote. To the right here is The Sower in Monserrat Daubón's studio. Then click the red arrow on the sunset he photographed from his home on the vineyard he found, sowed, created. I haltingly play the hymn on my flute in his memory.

 Below that I show you the apex of Ben's vineyard where he sat in the evening to watch the sunset over the sea that he loved—and where I placed The Sower facing him on that bench where he still sits in my memory.

Below is a photo of the bench and the artistic arc over it that he designed.
It is here on that apex that I held —click the link ↠↠ a memorial you may read and hear and where you may see The Sower facing that bench where he sat and envisioned.

As the second anniversary of my son's death on November 4, 2017 approaches, I have the gift of a video he did in 2008, describing his vision for the elegant wines he made and imported from Australia. Here he is, his bench is below:
Apex of Imprimata, Ben's vineyard

Photo by Ben Hammerschlag

 With love, hope and light,


  1. Dear Mary,
    Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man.
    Thinking of you and here for you if you ever need to speak to someone who is far in distance but close in heart.

  2. Dear Mary,
    My first comment didn't go through, it seems - will try again.
    Beautiful tribute. I love the music and the words. There is the unbearable pain of loss but also so much love. Thinking of you,
    Isabelle xoxo

    1. Isabelle, dear one, I haven't been able to reply to comments on my own blog but I downloaded another browser and now can do so. Here is my much belated thanks for this gorgeous heartfelt note that you posted so long ago though my son's loss stays in my heart as does he. Love, Mary

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    1. Krista, I haven't been able to post replies to comments via Safari, but I figured out a way to do it via another browser. So here's very late and super grateful comment for this beautiful note. Sending love, Mary

  4. Dear Mary, what a wonderful tribute you've created here. My deepest sympathies to you. I can see the beautiful vineyard scenery now, and am happy that you are creating a safe space for your healing. Big hugs to you. Rebecca Fuller

  5. Thank you so much for such an empathic note.


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