July 26, 2021

Come on! Follow me!

 Hey, Subscribers, Friends, 

If you already follow me, you got a notice about this change (at least I hope you did!)  

So here's the techy story: Feedburner is shutting down. So, I have switched to Follow.it

If you don't follow me, here's why you may want to do just that!

Image by Elien Smid from Pixabay 

I write a column on the arts—click that bird in the upper right corner (after the Follow me button) to get right to all my essays on FactsandArts. You can even subscribe to my posts (easy, peasy) OR just read what you fancy when you click on the bird!

And I teach Creative Writing. Some free chapters follow and here is a clip:

I can help you one-on-one for a small fee, via Zoom, an Eight-"session"-course (each session includes 11 parts) with slides and more experiments than in these chapters I am giving away for free.  

Email me at 


for details on how I work: Be sure to tell me how you found me and we'll set up lessons.

I taught variations of this course at George Washington University, in the undergraduate and graduate MFA/Ph.D. creative writing program at the University of Missouri and at the Smithsonian's Campus-on-the-Mall. 

For more about me, Click Here !

So, Why did I switch to:  Follow.it for my website?  It's cool and Feedburner shut its doors. And you can choose to do more than follow me: 

All kinds of newspapers use this tool. So check it out at their website: Follow.it's main website 

Be sure to write me and you may comment here if you use Chrome or any browser other than Safari (I guess Google and Apple don't jive with each other; who knows?) In any case, I love comments and am alway glad to hear from you ... .

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